2020-2021 Faculty and Staff List & Emails

Harpers Ferry Middle School Faculty and Staff 

Mr. Eric Vandell, Principal
Mr. Brian Bauer, Assistant Principal
Ms. Erin Maranda, Assistant Principal

Academic Coach
Ms. Kaiti Hillman

School Counselors 
Ms Judi Himelrick
Mr. Vinicio Perla

Ms. Karen D'Angelo, Office Manager
Ms. Julie Hoffmann, Secretary
Ms. Robin Summerhill, Finance Secretary

Ms. Brooke Boone

Ms. Brittany Schriver, 6th
Ms. Cara Jeffries, 6th
Ms. Julie Corriveau, 7th
Dr. Robin Good, 7th
Ms. Brandee Musser, 8th
Ms. Catherine Waller, 8th, Dept Chair
Ms. Francine DeRonda, SPED

Ms. Sarah Kittelstad, 6th 
Mr. Dennis Moore, 6th
Ms. Jessica Wagoner, 6th
Ms. Elizabeth Gaffron, 7th & 8th
Ms. Leah Jenkins, 7th & 8th
Ms. Beth Barnes, 7th & 8th, Dept Chair
Ms. Melissa Greule, 8th
Ms. Christine Kowalski, 8th
Ms. Mary Simmons, READ 180, 6th & 7th
Ms. Maxine Householder, READ 180, 8th
Ms. Michelle LaFollotte, SPED

Ms. Jennifer Dunkin, 6th, Dept. Chair
Ms. Karen Humbertson, 6th
Ms. Shanna Busch, 7th
Ms. Courtney McCauley, 7th & 8th
Ms. Amanda Rinard, 7th & 8th
Ms. Courtney Cox, 8th
Ms. Assunta Wight, SPED
Mr. Matthew LaFollette, SPED

Social Studies
Mr. Gregg Banas, 6th
James Bond, 6th
Ms. Jill Fornadley, 7th, 8th
Ms. Alyson Whitacre, 7th
Ms. Allison Kern, 8th
Ms. Caitlin Barker, 8th
Ms. Heather Young, SPED
Mr. Kelly Bungard, SPED

Related Arts
Mr. Roy Banjoman, PE, Athletic Director
Ms. Michele Bonbright, FACS
Ms. Michelle Carver, Art
Ms. Kerri Hoffman, Health/PE
Ms. Charity Huff, Health/ PE
Ms. Deborah Longo, ComputerApplications
Mr. Jimmy Lawson, AG
Ms. Amy Lassen, 1st Semester Spanish
Ms. Emerald Lynch, 2nd Semester Spanish
Ms. Michele Miller, Media Center
Mr. Aaron Polen, Health/ PE
Mr. Kristopher Ridgley, Chorus/Music
Mr. Charles Wall, Band/Music

Mr. Allen Baker
Mr. Bill Magaha
Mr. John Peacher
Mr. Ricky Powell
Mr. Keith Whitehair

Ms. Jessica Chapman
Ms. Clessie Chrystal, Cafe Manager
Ms. Alice Cook
Ms. Rebecca Long
Ms. Meagon Shanley
Ms. Paula Barrow

Ms. Sue Bohrer, ISS
Ms. Jennifer Powell, SPED
Ms. Elizabeth VanCamp, SPED
Ms. Jodi Welty, Attendance
Ms. Joann Stine 


Ms. Rachel Frye, Speech
Ms. Storme Frame, Gifted
Ms. Beth Slagle, ESL
Ms. Michelle Woolwine, OT
Mr. Charles Cooper, School Psychologist

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