Counseling Program Philosophy

The counselors at Harpers Ferry Middle School believe:

  • All students have rights and worth to those in the school counseling program.
  • All students possess specific skills and talents that are unique to them and allow them to achieve goals.
  • All students, regardless of ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, race and/or special need will be valued by the department and accommodated for during the planning process.
  • All students grades 6-8 will have access to a full time, state certified, masters degree level school counselor to deliver the counseling program.

The Harpers Ferry Middle School's comprehensive school counseling program should:

  • Be driven by the standards and goals set forth by the West Virginia School Counseling Programs' curriculum.
  • Receive input from community members, parents, teachers, and administrators regarding performance.
  • Be developed by a team consisting of school colleagues with input from other schools and board office personnel.
  • Build partnerships with local community businesses and volunteers to aide in student development and delivery of programs.
  • Have all outcomes and endeavors be verified and supported by data.

All Counselors at Harpers Ferry Middle School:

  • Follow and adhere to the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the West Virginia Department of Education and the American School Counseling Association.
  • Participate in professional development and stay in good standing with professional certification boards.
  • Have curriculum reviewed by administration/advisory board for approval and input. 

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