Grading Policy

Your child's nine-weeks Social Studies grade is made up of the following:

     -30% Assignments
     -30% Tests
     -30% Project
     -10% Participation


The following are included under this category:

     1.  Bellringers:  Bellringers are usually a weekly grade.  These questions are connected to what we're discussing in class currently or could be a review of a skill we've already discussed but that goes long term.  Your child is encouraged to use his/her notes to come up with the answer.  Also, I AM in the room and can help.  As a result, Bellringer grades should be rather high.  NOTE:  I don't give Bellringer questions the last week of a marking period or weeks we have three or fewer days of school. 

     2.  Class Assignments:  Class assignments are expected to be completed in class.  Most of these are assignments your child is allowed to work within their group with.

     3.  Homework:  I don't have a set pattern on homework in terms of when it's assigned.  I can tell you I never throw homework out as your child is leaving my class.  I always allow time for full instruction from me, an example or two worked on together and time to actually get a portion finished in class. 


Your child's tests are based on the notes we keep in class.  I DO NOT give test questions on information not in the notes.  Those notes are your child's study guide.  Your child should be reading their notes several evenings a week as a way of keeping the information fresh in the head.  This should only be a five minute review.

My tests are usually made up of two partsOne part could be some matching, multiple choice, short answer questions, and document based questions (DBQ).  DBQ's can be questions based on a political cartoon, map, graph, propaganda poster, etc.  The second part will contain at least one essay dealing with more complex concepts.

I do not believe in "surprising" your child on tests.  He/She will be told what's on the test, I'll show it to them, and even give a practice test with actual test questions to help prepare your child.  My tests are designed to take place over two class periods.  I also don't give "pop" quizzes.


There will be a project assigned each marking period.  Marking periods 1, 3, and 4 will be take-home projects.  We will have at least one day of research in our computer lab with information being copied and pasted onto a document in the Office 365 account.  Most of the "real" work will be need to be done at home.  These are assigned very early in the nine-week grading period and will be due the last Monday of that grading period.  Please help your child with working on it little-by-little and not waiting until the last weekend!!  In addition to learning about the topic, I'm hoping your child will learn how to work on something that's long-term over short bits of time to make it more manageable.  

Marking period 2 will also have a project, but it'll be completed totally in school.


Participation is exactly what it sounds like.  What I'm looking for is how they come in and prepare for class, are they staying on-task,  how are they working within the group, do I have to move someone in order to ensure concentration on the task at hand, etc.  Students will be graded on this depending on his/her abilities.   Participation can also be activities like your child reading their Handbook and other activities like that.

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