What We're Discussing

Our current unit is U.S. Government and North America Time Zones.

 Our main topics of discussion, notes and activities are based on the following:

      1.  The state requires your child to know the names of the following offices in government:   President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, Secretary of State, their two senators and one representative in the House.  From there, we'll discuss the 3 Branches of Government, compare the Senate and House of Representatives, and how a bill becomes law

      2.  Then we'll move to North America time zones.  Your child will learn about the Prime Meridian and the fact we have 24 time zones because we have 24 hours in a day.  Then we'll learn how to figure out how many hours apart two cities are before ending up being able to figure out what time it is in one North American city when they know the time in a second North American city. 

Your child's test will consist of the following:
     -matching section for names of the above-listed political offices
      -5 short answer questions on government and time zones
      -fill in the blank section for government questions
      -6 questions to figure out how many hours two cities are
      -8 questions where your child knows the time in on city and has to figure out the time in the second city
      -5 time zone word questions
      -11 "House" or "Senate" questions
      -6 questions based on how a bill becomes law
      -one surprise bonus question
Vocabulary words to study:
president, republic, vice-president, Speaker of the House, secretary of state, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, checks & balances, bicameral, census, sponsor, bill, chamber, veto, override, Longitude Lines, Prime Meridian, Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, International Dateline

Names:  Pelosi, Moore Capito, Pence, Trump, Mooney, Manchin, Pompeo









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