Class Expectations

Class Expectations
This year we will have several expectations to get used to, in order to control the possibility of the transmission of illness and to utilize the shortened school day in the best possible way so that students can learn best in both real and virtual environments.

 1.) Be prepared for class.                                              

2.) Raise your hand if you wish to speak.    

3.) Zero Tolerance – copying is cheating!   

4.) Show Respect to All. 

5.) Lockers will be used before school, before lunch, and before dismissal. 

6.) No Cell Phones, Personal Electronics, Toys, Make-up, Candy (including gum), or Comfort Items will be brought into the classroom. A small pencil case or bag with school related items or hygiene items may be brought if those items do not become playthings and a distraction from learning.

7.) Leave any items that are inappropriate to the classroom setting in your locker. Before you leave your locker to come to class anticipate what you may need to bring to class. 

  - Do you need to turn in homework? 

  - Do you have gym or band today? 

  - Is this an A Day or a B Day? 

8.) If it is morning, get your breakfast.  

9.) Before the bell rings, be in your seat. 

10.) Bathroom breaks will come at specific times indicated by your teacher. 

11.) Hall passes will only be given for extreme emergencies not forgetfulness. 

12.) Remain in your assigned seat until the teacher dismisses class.

13.) If a student brings a lunch to school, they may not share items from their lunch or ask another student to give them items from their lunch. 

14.) Hygiene and cleanliness are very important and personal responsibility. Notice I stated that it is personal. I do not want to be informed of every time another student sneezes or coughs.  

15.) If you make a mess, clean it up! 

16.) If you are struggling, if you see someone struggling ask for help and ask to help. It is our connectedness that makes us good and makes this a place we want to be.


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