Byzantine Empire Webquest


Byzantine Empire map

    Constantine I

      Click on the link below, read about Constantine I, and answer questions 1-3.   

      1. Who was Constantine I? 
      2. In Constantine’s rise to power, what did he have his soldiers paint on their shields?
      3. What was Constantine’s proclamation in the Edict of Milan in 313 CE? 

   Justinian I and Theodora

   justinian and theodora  

    Click on the link below, watch the video and answer the questions. 

   Byzantine Empire: Justinian and Theodora - From Swineherd to Emperor

   (9 min)

    4. How did Justin I become emperor?

    5. Why did Justin I seek help from his nephew Justinian I?

     6. Who did Justinian marry?

     7. What were the blues and greens?


     Justinian Code:

      Click on the link above, read the webpage and answer the questions below:

      8. Why did Justinian want all the laws to be the same throughout his empire? 
      9. What were the laws of Justinian I called? 
      10. What is the American connection to the Justinian Code?  

     Hippodrome of the Byzantine Empire
     Click on the link above, read the article and answer the questions below: 

     11. Under the emperor Constantine the Great, when was the new Hippodrome constructed? 
     12.  What famous racing clubs raced chariots in the hippodrome? 
     13. How many people were killed in the Nika Riots of 532 CE? 
     14. Around what year did the chariot races end in the Hippodrome? 
     15. During the 4th Crusade the 4 gilded horses, The Horses of Saint Mark, that once stood at the gates of the hippodrome, were taken. 
           What city can you find the Horses of Saint Mark today?


       Chariot Racing 

     Click on the link below and watch the video: 

      (2 min) Ben Hur 1959 Movie Clip

      16. What was this video about? OR Why do you think this sport was so popular? 

     Hagia Sophia 

     hagia sophia
     Click on the link below:
       Watch the video (2min) 
       Read the article and answer the questions below


       17. Where is the Hagia Sophia located?

       18. What religion was the structure originally built for?

       19. The first two versions of the Hagia Sophia were brought down in a fire. Who rebuilt the 3rd version of the Hagia Sophia?

        20. What year was the 3rd Hagia Sophia completed?

       21. Describe the dome and art found within the design of the Hagia Sophia.

       22. Who captured the city of Constantinople in 1453 and what was the city renamed?

       23. Under the Ottoman’s how was the Hagia Sophia converted to serve the Islam faith?

       24. How is the Hagia Sophia used today?


        Take a virtual tour of Hagia Sophia using the link below.

         25. On your tour, take notice of the art and architecture of the building. 
               Describe any artwork or elements of architecture that stood out to you on the tour. 
               (Examples: Christian art, Islamic art/writing, mosaic, columns, domes, important people in the art, colors used in the art, etc…) 

       Met Museum of Art NYC 
          Byzantium Art  

          Read the directions below for the website before going to the site!!! 

Under the banner on the far right side click on "see works of art" 
          Scroll through the banner of Byzantine art at the top of the page. 
          Select 3 pieces to profile using the information prompts below
          ***Once you have chosen an artwork piece use the “next” and “previous” buttons to move between artwork pieces. 
          Use the table provided on your paper to complete the information below. 
          26. - 28.  Draw or sketch a picture of the artwork chosen 
                          Title: what is the artwork titled? 
                          Time period: 
                          Artist: (if available) 
                          Short description: read and summarize the description  

        Use the map below to complete the blank map of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. 

        29. Label the Western Roman Empire capital of Rome and color the Western empire in orange.

        30. Label the Eastern Roman Empire capital of Constantinople and color the eastern empire in purple.

        west east roman empire


        1. What were the 4 colors of the charioteer teams? 
          2. What 2 colors became the dominant teams of the Hippodrome charioteers? 
          3. How did the Nika Riots begin? 
          4. What did the rioters do for 5 days after the riot began?
          5. Justinian considered fleeing the city. How did Theodora save the emperor? 
          6. What was the counter attack? 
          7. How many people were killed in the Hippodrome? 
          8. How long did Justinian rule after the riots? 
          9. Do you think that Justinian I made the right decision to counter attack? Why or why not? 


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