Early Human Webquest

Early Human Webquest: Smithsonian Rift Valley and Human Family Tree Interactive

For this webquest you will need to visit the 2 website links below and answer the questions.

A: Rift Valley Interactive


Directions: Answer these questions by clicking on the questions (in the boxes) then search for evidence in the landscape. (Click on the shovel icons) Write down the things that appear on the list.  Click the main menu button in upper right of the interactive screen for each new question. Each question has an interactive scene that will help you answer the questions below.

  1. How did early humans survive here?
  2. What animals and plants did early humans see? 
  3. Where did early humans live and die?
  4. In what kinds of environments did early humans live?
  5. How did later humans in this region differ from the earlier ones? 

B: Human Family Tree Interactive


Directions:  Write down the time when each group lived and what made them special (read the pop-up text when you roll over each group). 

  1. Homo _________________________________________________________________________

  2. Paranthropus ___________________________________________________________________

  3. Australopithecus ______________________________________________________________ 

      4.  Ardipithecus _________________________________________________________

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