Stations: Qin and Han Dynasties

Station 2: iPads


Video 1 Terra Cotta Soldiers

Questions for video 1: (Answer the questions on your station packet in the space provided) 

  1.  What are the different types of terra cotta figures found in the vast underground tomb of Shi Huangdi? 

  2.  What makes each terra cotta soldier unique or different from one another? 

  3.  What is reported to be in the actual tomb chamber of Shi Huangdi? (Which has not been opened to date) OR DRAW A PICTURE OF WHAT YOU THINK THE TOMB MAY LOOK LIKE IN THE SPACE BELOW (space below video 2). 
   4. How does the tomb of Shi Huangdi compare to other tombs of the ancient world? 

Video 2 Great Wall of China 

Station 4 Desktop Computers


 Quest 1: China Online Museum: Calligraphy

In the table below practice writing the character for the word water as it appears in order on the web page for each of the script styles (oracle bone, script, clerical, cursive, running, and standard).         COMPLETE THIS ACTIVITY ON YOUR STATIONS PACKET.                     

     Oracle Script Seal Script   Clerical Script  Cursive Script Running Script   Standard Script

     2.   What Chinese invention and popular writing medium allowed calligraphy to emerge as its own art form? 

Quest 2: Brushstrokes PDF

 Use the stations packet to complete the writing and drawing portion of the questions below. 

  1. Open the Brushstrokes PDF and practice the character for the word “forever” in the box below.


  2. In the space below, write out 3 to 4 characters with an English translation in the STANDARD SCRIPT style from the PDF.


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